Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Avosado flow
Matarilerilelo pacing
Reminiscent of my childhood haven
Cloaking chicken and cows mooing
Running around marble shooting
Lizard hunting, tree climbing
Monkey method before watching Jackie
Folk tales told by abuelo 'Neto
Where stories of a lantern carrying diablo
evoked the "ahhhs" of our shock
Sounds of galeria wisdom taught
Eyes stilled in their sparkled jewelz
Elevating the best part
Cementing the seeds to defeat blind, deaf and dumb conditioning
Mango meat ready for teeth peeling
It's sugary nectar lycopening....ME
Animal cloud watching while laying on grass hopping
Recollections embedded within the anahata
Void yet filled
A vague flash of lightning it seemed to be
Transplanted was my reality
To these icy streets
Where beauty is hidden in gated communities of poverty
Uniformed cemented structures stand erected
Amassed occurrences hidden
Missing pieces to shed light on our psycho-social disabilities
And found in the youth's tough urban garments
Where how you look is above all
Ghettofabulous? Notttt
Self styled wisdom with Love and Loyalty
Coding men and women on every squared cracked pavement
The Heights I grew up in
Jodedor capital not to be fucked with
90s hazed kid
Pondering and searching for a deeper meaning
My Blackness stripped from my being
Due to colorism's  categorizing schemes
Separating black, brown and yellow seeds
Now I was truly free because my pale ass was indeed an ORIGINAL BLACK SEED!

Saturday, January 6, 2018

SHE that HE Made

Ciphering possibilities unknown
Darkness unfolds
The state of the black man’s mind
Beautified by the yin that molds
The worlds of multiverses
Thath thee lights reveals
Starry night exhibit
Multitude of experiments I see ME in

What did he feel then?
Equality of Allah Rules Truthfully Her
It has always been love
Hand held principle allowing the bomb atomically
Propelling the philosophies of hypothesis
What's the next question G?
Void of fear, for there are no wrong foods to eat here
Only the what ifs of the clear mind
Emptying into the essence
The All
The Sperm
From Mars to Venus
The original man’s been here
Do you see It?
The Sun ez
Experiments finally yielding sprouts
That's the SHE that HE made

Friday, January 5, 2018


Centuries old way
Earth reclaimed
Crevicing the babylonian state
Explore true culture through the art of our armour
Tails diagonally meeting in a butterfly embrace
Macheting upwards to knot at the top
capturing my jibara past
Recycled saris adding volumes of countercultural strikes
Woven women worned
That's the Crown
Art for the head as jewels flow from the mind
Accumulation of the wisdom attained
In daily life displayed

Born Universal Truth...
The grafted slowly watching, note taking folly
Altered lessons is all, no degrees to guide their world
Bitches blueprint biting
Basing behavior codes on black knowledge
brought by this melanated yellow sista
Endlessly sparked for creations to unfold
A true Feminism liberating our souls
Que lo que yo?

All hail the heathen royalty
Calcification camouflaged with adornments of misperception
Hiding devilishment under ancient scriptures
PAssing LEgacy STolen INto academicIANS
True identity lacking
Tricknowledge is the true art of their work
claiming as their own
Side twisting and plaiting narratives
A Lucky beginning?
White washed weakened wisdom
Strategically sprinkling originals
Caught up in the confusion of it all
To meet their illusionary goals

Technicking through wax designs
Downwards fold
& rectangular scarf horizontally lined
The coƱos of my woes                                  
Rid back in the mind
Til’ the next crownchitectural endeavour is written in advance
Looping high coils and zig zagging
You know...Just...Wrapstyling!