Friday, March 6, 2009

The Soul of Izayaa @ Souled On

I want to thank my other half for writing such beautiful and insightful thoughts about me. I was left in awe and filled with emotions that describing would only lead to a blog about the soul songs that mostly describe Sunez.

The Soul of Izayaa


"Soul, the natural essence of supremacy, that animating principle nameable yet unquantifiable, that actualizing reality of all, where creator and creation become one and the same. This Soul is Blackness, the biochemical nature of all my Original people ("High Yellow Gal…If your mind could really see you’d know your color the same as me" – Curtis Mayfield). This Soul is animated by the principle of mathematics where one knows self yet continues to wonderfully just understand. This Soul is the union of all that we are in all that we manifest in an ultimate expression of love. This love is the binding element of all creation and it fortifies the sublime word, the 180 martial moves of bian xing and the myriad notes of keys, bars and measures of song.

To honor the soul song is to honor the lady in my life, Izayaa Allat, that hand-in-hand we shall create the best part with...[Please continue at Souled On link below]..."

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