Monday, February 1, 2010

Gossip Within the Righteous: Prevention Towards Building an Independent Nation

As I walked in through the left hand side of the Harriet Tubman school I was greeted by the usual Earths who are committed to the security of our monthly gathering known as the Universal Parliament or Rally of the Nation of God and Earth. A look around provided me with the familiar panorama of Older Gods catching up and building on both sides of the entrance, the God Seuku setting up his elaborate collection of scholarly books and DVD's up for sale in the front, the God Infinite Al'Jamar selling his black family publication containing different builds on our pedagogy and lessons, and along the hallway the other Gods and Earths who sell five percenter merchandise for those seeking to visibility add-on to their righteous fashion, as well as the Earth Victorious LanasiaEarth Shabazz selling copies of the 14th Degree and Beyond, the popular Earth publication. A walk down the hall were the doors that led into the cafeteria where some of the Earths commit to setting up and displaying a myriad of dishes for those attending to eat. It is in this area that I sat with Sunez Allah to sell copies of the Knowledge of Self Anthology until we were called in for Nation Business inside the auditorium.

During Nation Business the God Dumar Wade Allah, who doesn't like to be pigeon-holed as an "older God," because as he says "I am older than some, but younger than many," to refer to himself as someone that does not have all the answers, but rather is a part of a set of men and women who have different experiences and knowledge of the world, engaged in a very powerful and interesting dialogue whose overriding message was the need to build an infrastructure of institutions and services within the nation that would bring worth the revenue and talents needed to build an independent community from that of the devil's civilization. Dumar's words reminded me of Elijah's, being that our lessons derive from Elijah's teachings, two premises for the Program for Self-Development and for the Economic Blueprint speeches stood out in my mind, "1) Recognize the necessity for unity and group operation (activities), 2) pool your resources, education, and qualifications for independence" (173, 171), as Dumar exclaimed, Why is it that our kids are D students? It's not because they are stupid or because the parents don't care, is because they don't have the services needed to bring them to that level." With this point, he announced the making of a book that would contain a compilation of many Gods and Earths with a description of their branch of expertise, whether it be finance, education, carpentry, etc. The purpose of this book is for its dissemination amongst Gods and Earths to be used as a resource for those seeking services without having to resort to the devil's civilization for them. As God Dumar spoke of its aim, I immediately thought of the 6th degree in the 1-36: "He likes the devil because the devil gives him nothing." Why is it that many of our apartments don't have the adequate heating and hot water requirements? Why are our schools structurally at the lowest levels of national academic achievement? Why is it that the images of positive Black figures for our kids are only visible in sports and music? These questions ran through my mind as the God continued his build, filled with beautifully and rapidly recited degrees that were relevant to the discussion. Before moving on to other ideas that he would later build on, he ended with encouraging Gods and Earths to seek the God Sabu Supreme Allah for their inclusion in the book, and to talk to Father Bushawn to discuss the details of building infrastructure for the nation.

After God Dumar's build, who I later learned is actually our National Spokesperson, I connected the concepts built upon to the teachings and initiatives of Marcus Garvey, Elijah Muhammad, and Booker T. Washington who all with different techniques and strategies had the same idea: An independent Black nation. Marcus and his philosophical inclinations to one people, one continent, sought to move all knowledge seeds back to Africa, Elijah and his application of the concepts in the bible to portray the oppressive framework of the white man unto the so-called Negro in America, therefore calling all converted Muslims to build an independent nation through his elaborate economic plan, and Booker T. Washington who used his experience as a former slave to portray himself as a sell-out to receive the funds from rich whites and build the biggest- most successful school of his time that taught all those who with fear remained tied to their slave masters, after emancipation, to build themselves from the ground up. Decades later and with new original people added (so-called Latinos & Asians), we are still exploring the idea of separation for true freedom from the devil's civilization. Obviously, this has to do with the fact that no true separation has been attained, especially for the NGE at any level within the system. Most of us remain plagued by addictions, everyday hustles, low-self esteem, baby-mama drama, and other issues that continue to affect us socially (family, friends) and in turn affect us in our economic initiatives (jobs, hustles). It is then, that I also thought about my own ideas about a separate and free black society.

Elijah's movement of separation, later adapted by Father Allah who actualized and applied the science and mathematics to show and prove our supreme Nature as God and Earth, makes it the most right and exact of its time. It is this model that the NGE continues to pursue and to carry out, but with a premise that is much different than the NOI: no hierarchies based on different levels of knowledge and power. We do not seek to have our infrastructures serve as varying levels of power, but rather working as entities that are interconnected as an egalitarian unit of resources for our society. Each entity containing its unique services while all our people share the wealth of Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding transparently. Meaning, no Muhammad is higher than an X. (lol) The fluidity of our nation would come with the underlying principles that each God and Earth will live by. It will be the principles embedded within our culture (4) that will powerfully and constantly refine (5) the different realities of all black families equally (6). In turn, this will allow for us all to continue to reaffirm who we are (7) and add on greater (8) to our society, including the institutions in place that will born all of our people's greatest contributions to the world (9). In short, mathematics in application with the ideal principles of the original man and woman will carry out society in its natural universal order. The scientific process will work alongside mathematics to continuously challenge and question our current order to maintain its right and exact status. For we must not remain satisfied and sure our society continues to work in this way, we must show and prove it. This is the essence of no mystery and of a TRUE BLACK society.

"4. Why did we run Yacub and his made Devils from the root of civilization across the hot Arabian desert into the caves of West Asia as they now it Europe?...Answer: Because they started making trouble amongst the righteous people. Accusing the righteous people of telling lies, causing them to fight and kill one another...(#4 from Lost Found Muslim Lesson #1, 1-14)."

That we know we are the True and Living God and Earth should be the stepping stone which dictates how we will fully liberate ourselves from the devil. This is the most beautiful teaching we've received, but it has failed to be applied properly by many of us because we have yet to apply the principles by which a God and Earth live by. Due to our failure in defining and applying/living these principles, we have been weakened to the extent that we have allowed the dynamics of the 85 world, the grafted man's poison, to be amongst the righteous.

In his reaffirmation that the building of an infrastructure for the NGE is a brilliant and beneficial undertaking, Dumar Wade Allah stated, "So many of us are caught in the negative, 10,000 can be doing negative things, and 1 of us can be do positive things, I will always talk about the positive because it is above the negative." He continued to talk about the many ways in which we turn against each other: Gods discussing degrees: "oh God well I don't see it like that," "God that aint right and exact," A newborn walking around with his flag: "how you cee this degree." He continued to talk about how we really don't know each other, the potentially of agents hiding under the name, of fake-Gods who walk around with flags without memorizing 120, as well as other relevant issues.

In Elijah's chapter 5 about the devil, in his book Message to the Blackman, describes the main mechanism Yakub's grafted devil undertook to cause confusion amongst the righteous society of the original people. Through gossip, chisme in Spanish, the devil was able to separate all original people to the point where unity was dissolved and hatred erupted. People who were once a family, were now distrusting each other through hearsay that could not be shown and proven. In one of his speeches, he states,  

" Mr. Yakub taught his made devils on Pelan: 'That-when you go back to the holy black nation, rent a room in their homes. Teach your wives to go out the next morning around the neighborhoods of people, and tell that you heard her talking about them last night. When you have gotten them fighting and killing each other, then ask them to let you help them settle your disputes, and restore peace among them. If they agree, then you will be able to rule them both'"(117).

 It is this same method of divide and conquer that many Gods and Earths have fell victim too. Brought out through gossip, Gods and Earths who don't know each other never really get to know each other because of the hearsay that makes them have a preliminary judgment on the person. In addition, those who have groups of their own because they to do work together, eventually perish because the jealous nature of some brings forth the lack of true brotherhood and/or sisterhood. There have been instances where Gods and Earths might do business with each other and one of the parties is confronted (as any problem with a person should be taken straight to their face-this is truly honorable and how communication amongst Gods and Earths in the nation should be handled-being upfront) about their lack of word is bond on their methods of carrying out the business association. In return, the party that is confronted seeks to carry out devilishness by 1) spreading a corroded version of the story to others, and 2) involving Gods and Earths that had nothing to do with the problem. This only shows that the party who is giving in to gossip is exhibiting 85% characteristics because they are being led in the wrong direction and that the person gossiping is hiding behind a veil of righteousness. Those exhibiting traits of the 85 then start to comment and pass judgment on the person that the gossip is about. These Gods and Earths might start picking on different personality traits to make their own personal negative comments on the person. For those doing the gossiping, they are hiding behind a veil of righteousness because they are using their involvement with the NGE to justify the gossip being spread. For some people, the gossip simply becomes the excuse they needed to hate a person they formally called their "brother" or their "sister" because in reality, they were internally envious of the constant building of that person. These are the most horrible conditions all sub-ciphers are experiencing or have experienced.

Sometimes issues between Gods and Earths can get so difficult that it has led to God killing God, we know this from the oral history passed on to us by the older Gods. This is not new, Elijah clearly portrays this when he says,  

"After Yakub's devils were among the Holy people of Islam (the black nation) for six months, they had our people at war with each other. The holy people were unable to understand, just why they could not get along in peace with each other (117)."

War doesn't have to be physical, war can be carried in a cold method where you are not actively present to affect the outcome, like adding on more "juice" to the gossip, and many other measures which lead to a sabotage of that persons hard produced creation.

If gossip is continued to embraced it will never allow us to be in peace amongst each other. There will always be some jealous so-called God or Earth pretending like he aint see you, one who will talk shit behind your back, and another that will spread an altered version of something that they did or were involved in. Gossip will prevent us to liberate ourselves from the 85 ways and will not allow us to fully identify the devil coming in the Name. Elijah's words, whom in the NGE we respect and to certain extents apply, couldn't have said it any better when he stated: 

"A true Muslim would never boycott the place of business of his fellow Muslim or black brother. A true Muslim is proud of the success of his black sisters and brothers. He recognizes that their success is his success. He recognizes the law of Islam (175)."

Let's ask ourselves this question. Can the NGE truly build an infrastructure that will lead to our independence of the devil's civilization, if we are still dealing with the ills of the mentality of the devil? I say NO. I say that Gossip is one of those ills, and we should learn how to rid ourselves of it, so that we can start ACTING LIKE TRUE BROTHERS and SISTERS. How can we dialogue and start talking about an economic model for Gods and Earths if we ain't right and exact? To erase confusion, we must face each other, talk to each other in full honesty about everything, only then are we going to establish a mathematical and scientific society, the law and way of Islam. We must define the ethics and principles that guide the righteous society and not fall victim to the ways and actions of the grafted mentality. Let's Build and destroy right!

Peace, Earth Izayaa Allat.

"I represent for a nation, thought we was in it together..." -Jean Grae, "My Crew"