Earth Crowns

In December 2014, Earth Crowns was born.  It was in a snowy wintry night Izayaa and her husband discussed head-wrapping.  The conversation focused on how to provide women interested in head-wrapping or already doing so, the opportunity to look into Izayaa's living culture of head-wrapping.  After much thought, the idea of a page on Facebook, as well as written pieces on my blog, where Izayaa sought to teach and inspire women into the culture and art of head-wrapping, was agreed upon.  "Earth Crowns: The Art and Culture of HeadWrapping" was born that night.

Earth Crowns focuses on teaching the origins and history of head-wrapping through the varying cultures of women who head-wrap around the world.  In addition, Earth Crowns helps women to find their Self-Styled Wisdom, their own unique look, through the art of head-wrapping.  Each women has a unique beauty and by finding her sense of style through head-wrapping, she is able to enhance her divine feminine with the creation of each of her wraps/crowns.

Izayaa uses the term Crown because women's royal title is Queen, and as such we shall dress and carry ourselves.  Prudence, modesty and femininity are the predominant markers of this title, and so when women cover their heads they are indeed wearing their own crowns.

Earth Crowns assists women with the following services:

-Custom Fabric/Scarf Shopping
Izayaa sells scarves and fabrics for women who are looking for unique and one of a kind scarf to wrap with.  She works with women on an individual basis to see what their tastes and needs are and provides them with a custom order.

Izayaa is available to meet with groups of women interested in strengthening and learning new techniques for head-wrapping.  The workshops Izayaa has designed, focus on different aspects of head-wrapping, including it's ancient history, global expansion, cultural significance, and the art of head-wrapping (how to) cover your hair with scarves and fabrics.

-Live Shows
Izayaa is available for women interested in showcasing the many styles of head-wraps she creates for any event, including fundraisers, head-wrapping related fashion shows, etc.  

If you want to start learning right away or need some new ideas for wrapping visit Earth Izayaa's YouTube Channel!

For the most recent updates, visit Earth Crowns on Facebook!

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  1. Hello Izayaa,

    I'm WoW of all the things you do.

    Where can I see the scarves you sell?