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Izayaa's background hails from the rural beginnings of her family in Quisqueya (Dominican Republic). It was in her mother's kitchen she avidly watched as food was prepared and cooked. These roots along with her new adapted diet to her culture, Veganism/Living Foods, is what drives her work. Izayaa focuses on Caribbean/Latin American cuisine, with exclusive particular Pan-Asian, Southern Soul dishes that provide a rich variety of options in this international perspective of the menu. The food is made with the finest organic produce and is cooked to preserve the active minerals and nutrients that maintain its living properties. The traditional dishes, passed down through generations, are made without meat, dairy, and/or artificial and denatured condiments. The process of cooking foods that are not processed, irradiated, sprayed with pesticides, or of a genetically modified organism (GMO), is what we pride ourselves in providing to our public. 

 Izayaa's Kitchen,a home-based initiative, offers:

-Living Foods/Vegan Workshops:
Izayaa uses her experience in education, curriculum design, along with her knowledge and real life application (as she has been a Vegan 8+years) into designing workshops that cater to the needs of the audiences that seek expertise in topics vegan cooking, sustainable eating, budgeting and shopping, ethnic veganism. Izayaa provides workshop series and speaking engagements for community organizations, companies, and educational institutions.

-Personal Chef Service: 
Managing your career, family life and social life can be challenging.  Izayaa offers personal cooking services for clients seeking this assistance.  Izayaa will work with each client individually to meet their needs (i.e. gluten-free, diabetic, free-range) and develop a meal plan and a budget.  

-Food Service for Events:
Izayaa offers sample menus for those interested in using her services as a caterer for different venues/events, especially for clients that are looking for vegan-specific food. She looks to prepare relevant vegan food depending on venue overall theme and clients' needs, but one where taste and nutrition meet. 

-Take Out Service (for those in the Tri-State Area):
Izayaa has been running a small take-out service from her NYC apartment on different days of the week.  She provides door-to-door service in the Upper Manhattan area and will arrange pickups for those that are outside the borough or state.  Her menu offers mostly Vegan Dominican food.

Also, check out some Vegan Dominican Cooking Tutorials at Earth Izayaa's YouTube Channel!
Where you will be provided with some history on certain dishes along with instructions on how to veganize these predominantly Dominican dishes.  
Below are some dishes I've cooked and created over the years:

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