Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The Science of Love

Love is arguably the most extensively explored and studied concept, through music, writings, revolution, and science, from the beginning of our most recent Quran. It has been used to express and make some beautiful creations. Some say that Love is to reach a form of enlightenment where at its peak, love making, the orgasms men and women experience become an ecstasy allowing a divine spiritual interchange, in the carnal realm, between two beings. It is at this moment, both individual entities are communicating within their spiritual plane, thus making the ultimate expression of Love a unique experience of awareness because it is not done by dissociating from the world and experiencing emptiness, as the Buddhist doctrines document, rather through a process of fullness (Love, the feeling) that becomes empty through the letting go (orgasms, the action) where for a moment the self is taken to a level of interactive consciousness. Thus, love is a state of awareness of the deepest feelings one can have for another being (1), love making provides one to share that feeling in its most intimate manner (2), which eventually leads to a new level of understanding amongst these beings (3). However, for many of us, this ain't even the case.

Modern scholar and brother Kaba Hia Watha Kamene, formerly known as Booker T. Coleman, and Sunez Allah of the Nation of God and Earth have extensively discussed the ideas of sex and reproduction as it relates to the nature of the Original man and woman. In his lecture entitled "The Hidden Wisdom of the Black Hole" Kamene vividly applies the science he refers to as astronomical biology/biological astronomy to accurately explain the role of the Original woman in regards to her universal nature. He explains that science is the most supreme way of looking at this concept because it represents all knowledge. He comes to this reasoning by way examining the nature of God, an omniscient being, meaning all knowing. In ancient KMT, this being was represented by a bird, Tehuti,  whose counterpart was what looked as an female ostrich, Maa't. She represented justice, balance, and the path. What this all means is that the nature of the original woman is one aligned with the way to knowledge. She literally represents that aspect of providing the way to manifest thought, to give it a physical reality.  It is in this way that the creator can truly create and make creation.  This is in essence, part of Sunez's teachings. Thus, woman is the road, the space to make known the unknown. She is not a vehicle, nor an aiding secondary factor, but the counterpart that tells the later half of the story.  These ideas are further contextualized when applied to the action of sex. Kamene points out that the original woman's womb is like a magnetic field, naturally gravitating the sperm, which carries an electrical charge. This attractive force is what allows reproduction to occur. The white woman does not have this magnetism within her and the white man has no electrical current. This is why Original women were able to have 20+ children. My maternal grandmother bore 10 children and her mother 20. My paternal great grandmother had 25. This interaction between the original man and woman acts as a recharging and building of energies for both beings.  What the original woman can do for the man during sex is astounding. She literally provides and rejuvenates his energy that allow both to achieve higher states of consciousness. This is why  it is about staying inside, not coming out. Promiscuity is not biologically compatible with our supreme nature. The more one thinks about having sex with different people, the more our energy dwindles and disperses. Our chi becomes weak. Essentially, the sexual experience is one that aids in the building of our  internal energy (the mind) through the love that is expressed in the act, as stated earlier.

The vast majority of Original people, including those who have knowledge of themselves, experience love in its most menial state, which in some cases can easily be dismissed with the saying “it is better to have loved, than to not have loved at all.” The complex, but recognizable patterns of unsuccessful relationships between original peoples are deeply embedded in the historical narration of the philosophical, mathematical, and scientific intrusions made on the Original man and woman that made them lose sight of the true nature of their relationship. Some of these specific reasons include: a) the ideas of white male patriarchy as an internalized oppressive state of the male & female original mind, b) the disconnection of our true selves and the mental assimilation into grafted cultural/social standards, and c) the loss of engaging the concept of love into a real scientific context of study to finding one's match.

Most of our studies have always focused on the obvious oppression of our people, which have been race and economics, while the most important remains hidden and if not; its coverage is done irresponsibly leaving holes in the research. It is important we do not fall victim to the grafted man's most overlooked oppressive measure: the separation of the genders. The sacred union of man and woman easily disintegrated from the minute the devils made contact with original people. The details of this separation can be most closely observed during the Plantation system of human slavery of our knowledge seed brothers and sisters. Here we can see how life in the plantation led to a dismantling of the union of the Black couple by the measures the white man took in the roles of each. The idea that a master had a right to be with any of his women slaves at any moment, took power away from the black man, not only because that was his woman, but because there was nothing he could do to stop the situation of the sexual violation/maltreatment of his woman. The proceedings of these actions were so vile, that it caused great psychic terror within the male slave. It was common for the male to leave the hut where he lived with his female companion so that his master might enter at any moment and do what he willed with the female. The black man’s terror instinctively provoked a reaction of self-preservation. It was not that he did not care for the black woman; rather he now saw it as a matter of survival. Of course, there were exceptions to the rule. Many black women sought the help of powerful men within the plantation to ward off possible dangers. Most times, however, it was not from the masters, but from other males in the plantation who mimicked the patriarchal behavior. Here we see a division caused by fear.

bell hooks, in her book, Ain't I A Woman, provides a structural view of how power was taken away from the black male. She writes,
 "As far back as slavery, white people established a social hierarchy based on race and sex that ranked white men first, white women second, though sometimes equal to black men, who are ranked third, and black women last. What this means in terms of sexual politics of rape is that if one white woman is raped by a black man, it is seen as more important, more significant than if thousands of black women are raped by one white man"(53). 
This dark contrast in the rankings of white man and black woman put the black male into a position of no power. By this order alone he was socialized to belief that if a black woman was raped it was simply because of her ranking. Hooks further details the disposition at which the black woman found herself. She wrote, 
“The area that most clearly reveals the differentiation between the status of black male slaves and female slaves is the work area. The black male slave was primarily exploited as a laborer in the fields; the black female slave was exploited as a laborer in the fields, a worker in the domestic household, a breeder, and as an object of white male sexual assault” (22). 
While the experience of the male slave was characterized by the loss of his own sense patriarchy as well as his exploited labor conditions in the fields, he was able to retain his masculinity. The black woman’s disposition as the least important was aimed at her destruction, through the effects of racism and sexism, and the black man's social assimilation to white familial norms. This is how he retained his masculinity. While the woman was oppressed sexually and physically, the man adopted norms of Manhood that was not in his reality before, such as being the provider. According to bell hooks, in African society man and woman shared equitable roles. In slavery, this union is ended. On page 44 she writes,  
“Sex roles in the black slave sub-culture mirrored those of patriarchal white America. Within the black slave sub-culture it was the black female who cooked for the family, cleaned the hut or cabin, nursed the sick, washed and mended the clothes. Black male slaves regarded tasks like cooking, sewing, nursing, and even minor farm labor as woman’s work.” 
Using bell hooks thesis of black womanhood, the experience of slavery is marked by the masculinization of the black woman, the terrorizing and privileging of the black man with positions of leadership within the plantation, and the adoption of white cultural norms that were not the reality of their communities prior to slavery. These were all some of the causes of the destruction of the black couple in the Western Hemisphere. The behavior that then comes out of that legacy, in modern times, plagues the relationships between Gods and Earths. It is a mental inheritance that time and time again, has proven does not coincide with who we are as black people and the main reason why so many black relationships fail.

When we learn who were truly are, no matter if the majority are still blind, deaf, dumb, and that mathematics is the law and order of Islam with science as the tool used to prove and legitimize everything that goes through that order, then we can start applying how to find love correctly. Love is Mathematics and can be truly found through its application and testing with the Scientific Process. Finding Love as God and Earth is different because we are no longer dealing with the mysterious aspects of it, such as "I know everything about him/her," "It was love at first sight," and can now truly apply its meaning to finding our better second halves. Dealing with love mysteriously will not allow us to truly find a compatible mate to share one's life with. If one takes the science of Love and apply it to find our God and Earth, then we are starting to apply our true nature as scientists. This we must do even when forming our respective universes-ciphers. The scientific method entails asking a question, gathering some background research, forming a controlled experiment, conducting the same experiment with different variables, and analyzing all results to bring forth conclusions. In short, in its elementary form, the scientific method has a hypothesis, the controlled experiment, the variables, and the results.

"Yo, Power Equality, Allah C's Everything my Queen
What up Love, won't you just slide under my wings
so we can take flight, to the edge of the night
And like doves, we makin' love above the bright moonlight
You know I fills you, so let my love pass and spill through
your sexual vessels, that bless you then fills you
up with knowledge and wisdom you understandin'
that bring forth the power refines your whole planet.."
-RZA on Love Jones
The Hypothesis
When forming our ideas of love, one can base them on experiences from the past to make sure the same mistakes are not made again. So in forming the questions, one can draw the research from our memories so that we can remember what it was that went wrong. The hypothesis can simply be the question that everyone asks when potentially choosing a mate: "Can this person truly be the one I can share my life with and both agree in the way in which we are going to live it?" "Can this person be reciprocal to the teachings and lifestyle of a God and Earth?" To me, these are two fundamental questions that can lead to a full exploration of the possibility that true romantic love could flourish in its most ideal form; that between the true and living.

Those already in relationships, whether stable or unstable, will ask the same forms of questions, but within a different perspective: that of human time. The questions then take the following shape: "After all these years do we still got it going on, as God and Earth?” “Can we add-on to that initial vision of our relationship successfully?”

The Control & Variables

Through the guidance of these questions one can then already have a control, your ex-relationship or your current relationship, especially if it was within the context of the 85% world. If you are single, your ex-relationship can serve as a model with results, both negative and positive, which will be compared later with your variables. By clearly outlining, what you enjoyed about that particular relationship into different categories, for me it would be individual personality, lifestyle, ideas, the moments you spent together around other close family members, that will help map out an assessment where you can keep what you would like to experience and see in the next person you become involved with. Your ex-relationship should serve as the foundation to clarify exactly what type of woman or man you want (i.e. conscious sister/brother, a sister/brother that has been through a lot, but has maintained her/his strength all throughout) and to identify the characteristics and clues that will tell you this person will be prone to living and accepting your lifestyle as God and/or Earth. In this case your variables become the women or men you end up courting, which if dealing with it correctly, can be more than one. In getting to know your variables, go to different locations that can provide realistic views of the person and not where you can easily be fooled with glamorized experiences, like those stupid reality dating shows that are clearly all scripted. Talk about the grafted man being frivolous with the science of Love, but he's a faggot anyway so what does that matter right? Makes sense for him to make these shows as fake as possible, even if he's using original people for them. While in your "variable" stage, go to places the person eats at, is involved in some sort of project, and spend their personal time. Meet the people involved in that person's social cipher that way you can gain a deeper understanding of who that person is. One learns a lot from the people another is around. It's important to see how that person lives. Ideally, two mature adults will not engage in physical intimacy until they both have acknowledged that they are ready for this step. This should be the last step and it should be done with the person you have chosen to be your God and Earth out of all your variables. Many people feel that before choosing the "One" is it important to get a taste of the sexual chemistry. I disagree with this rationale. Sexual intimacy does not bring love, rather it expresses the love two beings feel for one another, as detailed in the first paragraph. Many original women who fall victim to promiscuity do it precisely because they feel this is the way to find and get love. If everything is right and the connection is already there, then the chemistry of expressing one's feelings will be nothing short of a sparkling experience. Love-making is an art, and the different positions that a couple makes will come out naturally to express how deep that love is. If this person is already a God/Earth, in addition to examining what’s outlined, make sure that the way in which you both live out the knowledge are a reflection of how both cee it. It is imperative in seeing if the match is correct. One should maintain writings of this journey, jotting down feelings and experiences. Referring back to these writings will help remember exactly the different aspects you liked about all individuals you've been dealing with. At a certain point, you might even think you are in love with all these men/women and might want to Earth or God all of them up! But it will be the details of the deepest moments you shared together that will dictate who the right person is. It is important to receive feedback from close family members and friends, but their 85% frameworks of love and courting might not fit your reality of God and Earth love, therefore take it at face value. Some of these details from your journey with your potential partner you might not remember, but keeping them in writing will do wonders in making that final decision. One important factor in all this is honesty. Use it as one of the underlying principles guiding you through this process. You will learn a lot from the reactions your variables will have in regards to the word itself.

If you are in a relationship in which you are happy, feel satisfied, and productive, you have the option of re-testing it to make sure it is a strong foundation. It is not hard to apply the "variables" to one person. You follow the same procedures outlined above, but with your current husband and/or wife. This will allow you to see the reason why both fell in love and bring forth new aspects of each other that none were aware before. In short, this will enrich and strengthen the foundation of your relationship and add new aspects to foster its growth. For example, a husband might take out his wife to the new Jazz spot, because of his wife's love of jazz, and then to dinner at a restaurant from a country they've never tasted the food. A good conversation can spark ideas and thoughts never shared with each other, which in turn, result in a rejuvenation of communication. In essence, the purpose of the happy couple's application of the variables will serve to enrich their union. The same process goes for those who are unhappy in their relationships. It is important to pay attention to one's feelings because they tune us in to further exploration of what is not going right. To do this, one must structure the "control" with the current status of the relationship, outlining the major setbacks. Most likely individuals don't feel satisfied in their relationships because they feel constricted by the other person to build and create. It could also just be that there is not enough quality time being spent by the couple because of the hectic lifestyle of raising children. Another major component could be the way in which the devil's civilization is affecting the harmony of the home (food, clothing, and shelter). It is important that the variables then be the changes that will be applied to the relationship to test their usefulness. For example, the wife has been unemployed for about 10 months and the husband just lost his job, although receiving unemployment. This has brought a mix of feelings from both of disappointment, anger, frustration, and sadness. It has affected them to such an extent where they have become verbally abusive towards each other. Seeking to change the situation the couple outlines the feelings and hurt they have caused towards one another. At this stage, they outline the "control." They study it and discuss the issue in depth and decide on a solution. They have each paid the internet, identified what sector they are seeking a job in, prepared their resumes, searched and selected jobs that they qualify for, and apply for them. It is a matter of time before they are employed and meanwhile, they budget accordingly. These applied variables have changed and allowed for an easier navigation through the devil's civilization, while rekindling their love.

Analysis of Results and Conclusions

Throughout your journey, you should have collected some data that will aid in deciding your march. Your data can vary from memories, artifacts (i.e. an object given to you by your variables), as well as some written materials which detail some of your experiences. As written in the controls and variables section, refer back to these writings to help you remember some of the details that can make a difference in answering your hypothesis. The answer to the first question will be found deep inside yourself. Ask yourself, “Who did you feel most connected to?” “Who do you have most in common with?” These sub-questions will lead to a full answering of your hypothesis question. Careful in dealing with fear, fear of uniting with a beautiful black man and/or woman have kept us apart from this most natural and sacred law. It’s like in the movies “The Wood” and “The Best Man” where we are presented with the reluctance the black male has in solidifying his love by uniting his life to hers. This is fear. When we find the one we should embrace the unknown (x). It is what is to come that will bring forth the strongest understanding of love. Look over all your data and read over your hypothesis question: "Can this person truly be the one I can share my life with and both agree in the way in which we are going to live it?" The person who reaches that answer most closely should be the one with the highest potential. Attraction shouldn’t be a problem in determining the one because the variables should have been chosen precisely because of this feeling. The variable that answers the hypothesis in its entirety should have the qualities of a God or Earth. This variable should have shown interest in the lifestyle to the extent where they are willing to embrace and immediately start the teachings and culture of liberation. Deep emotional feelings +compatibility in lifestyle +embrace of God & Earth culture= YOUR MATCH, the conclusion of your hypothesis.

For those already in relationships the answer to your hypothesis questions will come with your points of view in the variables you put forth to change your situation. If they were successful and you find these experiences were needed, then you must continue to give each other that time needed. Only then can you continue to solidify that relationship.

The Mathematics and the Scientific Process

In all the different stages of the scientific process, mathematics is the order by which the “experiment” is manifesting. Knowledge, Wisdom, and Understanding is embedded within the hypothesis, the application of the variables, and the analysis of results. Formulating the questions that will lead to the conduction of the experiment requires the gathering of previous information. This is learning the information, applying it, to get an accurate portrayal of what should be done different, which become the variables. These are all the inner components (1,2,3) of the mathematics. In carrying out the variables of the experiment, it is not hard to realize that these are the outer components of the mathematics (4,5,6). Culture/Freedom really set the tones for the vibe, style and principles that guide you while dating different people. As mentioned above, honesty is the principle that should be embedded within your culture of dating, guiding a person when partaking in this science because it will allow a freedom to come naturally, and preventing drama from arising. This natural freedom will allow the culture to powerfully take a hold over the people you are getting to know, that will bring all of them to a level where all variables are being treated equally. You can also see all of the mathematics partaking in the actual variables. Knowledge, wisdom, and understanding reveal the information both people share about who they are and what they are about. Culture/Freedom, Power/Refinement, and Equality comes with the interactions that together you share and live. God, Build/Destroy, and Born portray the impact and influence each individual has upon each other. It is then that a feeling borns. These final numbers bring us back to the inner reality of the concept of love. (7,8,9) are manifested within the analysis of results and making of conclusions. God shines to see how you were able to apply the reality of the righteous to your variables and which one showed and prove that they can deal with the lifestyle. Build/Destroy is the actual process of choosing one of the variables. Born is at the moment when you've actually chosen him/her. Cipher is the reality that life will continue with this person in it. So within the scientific method, embedded and guiding the order of the experiment is the mathematics.

To get a graphic representation the mathematics and the scientific process correspond in the following manner:

Knowledge, Wisdom, Understanding= Hypothesis, Research, Control
Culture/Freedom, Power/Refinement, Equality= Variables= All the Mathematics
God, Build/Destroy, Born=Results and Conclusions