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Izayaa Allat, is a light-skinned black Dominican-born writer, Birth & Postpartum Doula and secondary education teacher. During her time at Brown University, as an Ethnic Studies major, she extensively studied issues relating to the development of Race and Ethnicity in the United States, with a focus on Latin@, African-American, Asian and Native American peoples, the four major groups of "color." Part of her many research interests also included notes on the Cuban Hip Hop scene and  the structure of the secondary school system in the Dominican Republic.

After obtaining her Master's Degree in Secondary Education and going under the tutelage of her partner and enlightener Sunez Allah (www.premierehiphop.com and www.lavoerevolt.blogspot.com), she underwent rigorous study of the 120 lessons of the Nation of God and Earth, as well as the philosophical works on ancient thought, as part of her journey in getting the knowledge of herself.

With her adapted aspects of education, she seeks to incorporate the immediate history of our youth is within all forms of curricula as a start to attaining a knowledge of Self. Part of her experience includes creating and designing curriculum, whether for formal instruction, program-based learning, or concepts of the original woman (so-called Black, Latina, Asian, Native American sisters). After the birth of her daughter, she attended a Community Doula Training and currently serves as a Volunteer Doula while completing her certification. In addition, a vegan since 2007 she runs a living foods (vegan) organization off her apartment and is compiling a series of articles to be published in various print mediums.  She is also a creative headwrapper and creates tutorial for those interested in her styles of crowns and loves to sew.  Currently she serves as a Columnist for La Galeria Magazine (www.lagaleria.com) and is a Staff Writer for the Mecca Mission, which is currently available only in print.

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