Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Navigating Through the Righteous

As bright and shining as the sunset can be,
it is how her skin manifested the blackness within.
That the yellow was just as black as the other seeds,
was the scientific reasoning learned along with the meaning of P.E.A.C.E.

Knowledge God was one of the ways they seemed to teach
So she consulted her Enlightener to know of all the paths
taken by Earths through time
That led them into an understanding of living out their culture
Uniquely as part of One

She thought that finding her own path towards enlightenment
Would be just fine
That she would hold on to her Latin American roots and recognize them
It was precisely her background that she used and would not comprise
Not just to be called a“Power Ruler”, but to be just as Black as the African American
For which this knowledge was brought

Using her prior knowledge of powerful women warriors-scholars she had met
And learned about in the past
Would better make her the true and living Earth of this age and time
She sought to add-on to the many ideas of “HER”
That were built and expressed about dogmatically and religiously
through this way of truth known as the Nation of God and Earth
Truly examining the name, the way she is taught, and redefining her position to God,
By bringing forth ancient forms of viewing the original woman today
earned her insults as well as threats
But it would be her God that would open the path
So that others could really cee the understanding
Shared by a sister who is really just guided by LOVE

Her maneuverings and encounters with the women proved to be otherwise,
No welcome or warm gestures did she received
It was blank stares and dismissals that came from others within,
As if her phenotype did not match their way,
it was as if she was a walking challenge
To what was already in place
That she dressed 3/4ths without a hair wrap?
Indeed for she had found a different way of expressing Earth supremely

Or was it competition that many were threaten with?
For if anyone that truly understands her, knows that from the minute woken
She devotes herself at performing any task with the most humble intentions
Of sharing it all with her Nation
And she is thankful to those that truly share with her, for true knowledge lies
Within those that don’t deal with deception

It is this difficult, but rewarding path that she must walk …

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