Friday, July 9, 2010

All Mistakes Become Lessons Part 2

Milagros met Kathy and Beba when they were just kids. They must have been around five years old. They each attended the daycare that Doña Yayi was running illegally in her apartment. Although they disliked each other at first, mostly due to Kathy’s bossy personality, through time they became the best of friends. They ended up in the same schools and coincidentally in the same classes. They were known as the notorious trio for their associations with one of the toughest gangs in the city: The Trinitarios. Beba was clearly the passive one of the three, the one that was easily led to believe everything she heard. Truly gullible she was. This made her the protected one of the three. Kathy, on the other hand, was well aware of right from wrong and loved reenacting the latter. To her bad was synonymous with good, at least that’s what she grew up watching in her neighborhood. She was always ready to fuck up anybody. Her thirst for violence was insatiable. Every time she fucked somebody up, she pictured that this was another victory over her father, the mothafucka that physically abused her while growing up. She dreamed of the day she bumped into that drug addict and fixed him good, like she was doing with so many people that threaten her and the girls. The look of relief and satisfaction after breaking someone’s face gave her and the girls a reputation that no one dared mess with them. Milagros was really the sexiest girl of the three, she got down and did her dirt, but she always reiterated to her girls that she did it femme style. This meant she got down and dirty, but maintained her girly posture all throughout. This made her a classy gangsta bitch and she loved it. Most of the guys loved her. She couldn’t walk down the street without the niggas from the block hollerin’ at her. So many guys wanted to hit it, but she, knowing how much power she had, only had sex with who she chose. Whomever she found cute and a true papi, she would take him to an apartment her and the girls were renting, and have sex with him there. Whenever she fucked a guy that she chose, she felt a rush after her experience. She felt this way because she was the one doing the choosing and not the other way around. No guy would ever have the satisfaction of fucking her and then leaving her. After just one night, they always came looking for more and only the lucky ones got to hit it again.

Most times the girls plotted how they would get away from their mother’s grasp. Although they were not the best motherly examples, they tried to control their daughters to prevent from getting in trouble with the law. Whatever the moms did to prevent them from leaving the house, it was unsuccessful. Days would pass and no word from the girls. While the mothers worried, they enjoyed life how they had come to define: have fun and don’t give a fuck.

“So what we doing today?” Beba asked.

“You guys are going to school, that’s what you doing. I’m taking you over there myself.” Minorka said.

“Don’t worry; after she drops us off we will sneak out through the back door of the school. No one is ever there after first period starts. Chelo, Manolo, and Gary are going to pick us up in their car.” Kathy reassured.

“Say word, Manolo is coming with them? Cause ya’ already know how he’s been trying to hit it. that nigga aint getting shit…hahahaha.” Milagros said.

“Yea meng, he’s been wanting you for a minute now, give him a chance. He seems to like you.” Beba said

“Come on’ Beba. You already know that nigga just wants to fuck Mily so that he can say he got that. He don’t care bout her.” Kathy said.

“Word. That’s true Beba. Look all you gotta do today is have fun with Gary. He cool peeps.” Milagros said.

“Aight, ya know I listen to ya. I ain’t gonna do something stupid. I love you, ya my sisters.” Beba stated.

The entire day the girls spent it at the apartment they rented with the money they each made pulling stunts for the gang or dealing drugs every once in a while. They had smoked about ten blunts of haze, popped a bottle of Henessy, and made out intensely with the guys. All had made an agreement they wasn’t going to have sex because they needed to conserve their energy for the Trinitario meeting later in the evening. Although the guys seemed upset they didn’t dare force them. They knew Kathy’s strength. It was rumored that Kathy could fuck up more than three guys at the same time. One time she beat up a guy so bad he was taken to the hospital and put in intensive care. This was not just any guy from the block. It was Big Mike, one of the hardest drug dealers around. He tried to play her by giving her fake drugs. When she tested the drugs and noticed it was baking powder, she plotted how to get back at the nigga. A meeting with the girls and it was all planned. Milagros was to call him and ask for a dime of haze. They all knew how bad Big Mike wanted Mily. Anytime she called he would drop whatever he was doing just to tend to her. That night she called his celly and he agreed to meet her on the corner of 188nd Street and St. Nicholas Avenue in Washington Heights, Manhattan. Milagros drove up to him on the corner and told him to get inside the car. Big Mike thinking got in and she drove off. She gave him a wet juicy kiss on his cheek that had him in a trance for a minute. He seemed to regain composure when Milagros threw the dutch on top of his lap and smiling told him to roll. He reached into his pocket and at the very minute Kathy sprung up, from the back seat of the car, and held him with a knife. She sliced his face and told him to get out the car. Beba took out his gun from his right side and Kathy proceeded to hit him. She messed up his head and face mostly, giving him a serious concussion. They left him for dead and sped off in the car. It was a good night for the girls; they were celebrating with the haze left behind by Big Mike.

At around 8pm, the girls left the apartment and headed to Cabrini Park. It was at that location that their meeting was taking place. They arrived fairly early to make sure they didn’t miss anything. As high ranking individuals within the organization, they had to show the respect and love they had through their actions. The meeting started with updates. Kathy, Beba, and Milagros made theirs together as usual. Amongst their announcements was the idea of setting up recruitment areas in selected positions around the hood. They thought this would be most beneficial because people would then know where exactly to meet. The old skool way entailed asking around for the leaders and this sometimes took days for people to provide answers. Having set locations would provide a space where the leaders could look from afar and choose those with most potential. Some could even infiltrate and talk to the interested people. Everyone loved the idea and all voted to do it this way from now on. As the meeting continued, all thirty people were caught by surprise with gun shots and punches. The girls quickly gathered together and fought as hard as they could. In just a few minutes the girls would realize that this night would change their lives forever.

They continued to fight with their knives. A big disadvantage was that they were caught without their gats. They all managed to stay away from gun fire. Kathy had caught a body she grabbed for protection against bullets. They stayed behind the body and right as they were making out of the chaos, a bullet hit Beba in the chest. Kathy let go of the body to catch Beba. Milagros quickly moved to allow Kathy to hold her. At that very moment another bullet hit Kathy in her back. Milagros fell down with both of them to pretend she had been hurt as well. After about ten minutes everyone had dispersed and sirens were heard approaching. Milagros quickly got up.

“Get up Beba, get up Kathy. ¡Parate Coño! Let me know if you guys are okay dammit!” -She screamed while crying.

“Milagros I can’t move, I can’t feel any part of my body right now and I feel weak.” -Kathy whispered.

“Stay right there Kathy, the ambulance is coming. You are going to be okay sis. Stay with me okay, don’t let me go. Beba hablame, Beba why won’t you answer me.”

“I’m dying…I can’t talk (cough,cough). Why this happened? Who are we? I know you girls never listened before, but I demand you listen now!”

“We listening Beba, all ears.” –Milagros screamed.

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