Thursday, April 18, 2013

General Ideas on Birthing

When we think of “being in labor,” which it is hard work, but the correct description of such an important event is called “Birthing,” we are taught and view our bodies as making us go through pain. Women are introduced into an oral tradition of stories told which denote themes of pain, struggle, and horror for those who experienced this aspect of womanhood. The definition of pain is “Physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury.” The Birth of a Child is not caused by any illness or injury. Is being pregnant part of a sickness? Can you classify as an injury (based on release of blood and other excrements) when the baby has to exit his/her mother’s womb? Rather, it is the natural process of contracting and releasing that the body does naturally without second guessing which allows for the child to be born. Contracting simply means the body is letting the child know it’s time to leave the womb and a new stage in his life is about to begin. Releasing is the process by which the child is provided with an opportunity to move downward in its journey. It is very similar to how a plant starts to sprout out of the soil. It does it through precise scientific and mathematical outlined processes, that require internal (absorption of the nutrients and other living elements within the soil) and external (the use of these nutrients for its growth out the soil).

This process can only manifest if the work is put in by the living being involved in the activity. This process (1) when embraced (2) appropriately (3) by the parents and others invited to the birthing, will automatically place the mother(4) into her proper position (5) where she guides her body adequately (6) and not against it, in completing it’s process (7) by adding on all the appropriate mental and physical energy (8) so that God/Earth is born (9). The 12thletter in our alphabet is L which stands for Love, Hell or Right. I’ve built on the concept of hell actually being the feelings you put into working hard so that the outcome draws you into deeper aspects of who you are and the lesson to be learned from struggle. Through struggle we learn more about ourselves.We must love and embrace hard work. Birthing is a part of this concept. The woman should love the mental and physical preparation for birthing their child. The work put in during birthing,misinterpreted as a painful experience, will result in physically meeting the newest addition to your family.

Sunez Allah teaches that the Black man and woman are not perfect, but that rather we are in perfection. Perfection entails the idea of growing deeper into one’s reality of who we are and what we are to do. This means that every thought which has been manifested by the reality of Allah (the Black family), has been created in its most right and exact form. What has been lost by the Black man and woman are the correct mental mind frame, with which to evoke its usage most supremely. The Black woman’s body was made perfectly for the purpose of bringing forth life. In the same way, the planet Earth was made perfectly to nurture and nourish many different life forms.

Approaching “Birthing” in a way that connects us back to our nature as givers of life, of truly educating ourselves to how our body works through a holistic perspective (of which an important aspect should be diet), and questioning everything that has been taught to women about the process of giving birth, will start to change the discourse of the current status quo of how women experience birthing. Equipped with this knowledge, women should start to construct more meaningful plans for how they will welcome their baby into the world. These plans should be in accordance with the universal nature of women. This in essence also relates to the concepts of violence and non-violence and how as human beings we are introduced to the concept.

 Peace, Earth Izayaa Allat

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