Sunday, April 26, 2009

Identities Misapplied

Back again
Land once occupied.
Unable to relive experiences,
nostalgic desires demanded fulfillment.
And grayer they became
by the amount of snow I’d seen fall;
the various coats worn to keep warm

Clouds no longer had shapes
Blinded stares of men and women I’d once met
The beach no longer glared the translucent stories of its depths
Artificial the earth felt,
as if I was standing on top of an extinct plant specie.
Reality and illusion intertwined.
Past and present merging into one.

Where is my homeland, I say?
Uprooted so young, is this fair?
Engulfed in wrath with identities misapplied,
but rightly learned within the foreign home.
An ironic destiny, she Zig Zag Zigs.
She is not just from one piece,
but of the whole.

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