Saturday, June 20, 2009

Teaching Philosophy Part 4

Promoting Consciousness/Change

"El pueblo en su sentido real, es decir, esa mayoría del pueblo que ha tenido que vivir en la explotación y en el olvido más cruel...Nuestra preocupación fundamental siempre serán las grandes mayorías del pueblo, es decir, las clases oprimidas y explotadas del no se piensa así se tiene una actitud revolucionaria...creo que esto está bien claro. Cuáles son los derechos de los escritores y de los artistas? Dentro de la Revolución todo; contra la Revolución ningún derecho." -Fidel Castro

In our current world order, it seems impossible to separate entirely from the existing educational framework. However, when one attains knowledge of self we learn how to navigate successfully through a civilization that has been co-opted by the grafted man. It would be very hard to go back to our previous civilizations that have been virtually destroyed and try to live the way we once did. It is what can be built with what's already in place that is of major importance. The essence of what education was & is can be adopted to change the condition of our original people. Of notable example, is the success of the Cuban revolution.

Cuba had an economical, social, and political revolution in 1959. This revolution sought the education of its people as the first remedy towards social justice and freedom. This anti-Yankee imperialism movement promoted the literacy of thousands of Cubans. Many younger literate students taught guajiros, people from the countryside. Many changes also occurred in other parts of society. Schools took different structures and many more teachers than ever had been produced. Not only did Cuba adopt physical changes, but it also adopted changes within the psyche of its people. This psyche is characterized as a White Supremacist Capitalist mentality, which is the same type of mentality that governs the United States. Which is what governs the schools, teachers (who the majority are white) and other sectors of society. A new form of ideology developed and Cubans began to adapt distinct ethical values that would lead their lives and decisions made. They started thinking in terms of a community, rather than as individuals. Schools, hospitals, companies, industries were all nationalized. From pre-school on, students were instructed under the ideology of the revolution and socialism. Students were taught about issues of racism, sexism, and classism, as well as history from other parts of the world, particularly the Soviet-Union, China, and Africa. This formented a pride in oneself for knowing true herstory and being able to make sense of the world. It is truly partial liberation of the mind.

Adapting this modern-model, students attaining knowledge of self will learn at their level of understanding. Some might first learn to read and write, while others might learn higher concepts of the origin of man and woman. In all, this educational space will be filled with an ever changing pedagogy. It is very much as Fidel, a true five percenter, has stated about everything that’s shared and presented should be for the ideals that can be proven to be most right and exact.


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