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Building a Righteous Name: Earth Alma Coraisma Allat

The power of a name is shown not by its mere pronunciation, but by the actions taken by those who wear the name. A name is the most powerful attribute of an individual.  It is the defining word for that person, stating who that person is, what they are about, what they stand for, and it leaves room for the potential of the unknown; what that person will grow into, what she/he will do and contribute to this world. 

I was taught by my enlightener Sunez Allah, when receiving the teachings of the Nation of God and Earth, indisputably the highest truth, the name our parents give us are not to be disrespected.  Our parents, lacking a proper framework from which to give us a name, choose our names out of love.  It is why that name chosen by our family is honorable.  They might choose a name straight out of our colonizer’s linguistic reality with the best of intentions for that name might bear with it a significant meaning that in their ignorance befits the child they are to raise.  Let’s remember that European/Western civilization learned from the ancient Eastern (as well as Native American secrets) teachings, of this experience, righteousness was a huge component, as well as the making of names.  The choosing of a name in designating significance, importance, and status were indeed a part of the European societal structuring.  Most of our names, derived from a European origin with possible mixed roots of older languages spoken by our  people come out of the hegemonic experiences between Europeans and our black, brown, and yellow people.  Our parents unaware (through mental oppression) provide us with these names that to them are important and retain ties to those in power.

Attaining a knowledge of self, not only learning our most recent history, but our older ancient stories and using it to attain a proper understanding of Blackness, “changes” us into who we truly are and not what we were programmed to be.  This realization brings us to a revaluation of who we are.  This is why the placing of an X, which stands for unknown, for members of The Nation of Islam, was significant. For it denoted they were carrying a slave master’s last name because theirs had been lost and thus not known.  Most importantly the last name signified the continual dependency and appropriative relationship between slave master and slave even after emancipation. Placing this X placed a righteous value to the new context of their names.  It was defiant and daring for our people to just cross out that last name in recognition of no longer falling victim to that exploitative relationship. 

In a similar manner those who receive 120 degrees and learn to live out their nature as God o Earth eventually choose what’s known as a righteous name.  Righteous because the laws of the universe work only within that parameter.  Anything other than righteous is being unalike to one’s true self.  This self is who we truly are and describes our connection to the truth of the All; that there is no mystery God. That we are constantly reinventing ourselves in the creation (the Earth) made by God who is the Blackman.

When naming our daughter, I thought of:
-Who I intuitively feel her to be as she’s growing in my womb
-Who her parents are and their growth into the path of truth and righteousness
-Who we know she will grow into while leaving room for the potential that only she will fill in through her own lived life
-The current climate of oppression in this world and what has characterized this Koran
-The original languages that relate to her most current and ancient history of Blackness (Moorish, African, Indigenous)
-Her reality as the true and living Earth, the feminine principle of Allah (the one and All, the original man-God)

With these things in mind, which can serve as a guideline to making your name, is how Her name developed….

The name Alma is derived from the Latin word Almus, which means “kind,” “fostering,” or “nourishing.”  When used in the context of its placement within the planet, such as the word Alma mater, it means “fostering mother,” or “nourishing mother.”  The ma part of the name itself denotes the feminine, motherly reality of the woman who carries the name.  Woman’s nature is to foster, to nourish life.  Ma is what provides the meaning & shape to the first word “Al,” which means “the” and is associated with the mental aspects of the divine.  For example, the word Al-lah, means “The God.” It also means “the being who comprises all the attributes of perfection” and “the being who exists by himself…the true God.”  With Al-ma, we see the combination of the interdependency between man and woman, Allah and Earth/Universe.  Al-ma is then a being who exists to foster and nourish God through her nature as his mother. 

It is important to note that this Latin based name is rooted in the Islamic Arabic language the Moors brought with them upon reaching Europe.  Virtually all names and words starting with Al that are considered Latin rooted, such as Spanish, Portuguese and Italian are Moorish Arabic words that became a part of the Spanish language just like in what's considered the new world indigenous words also joined the language (i.e. huracan is a Taino word). Therefore, in Spanish, the name Alma translates to the “Spirit Soul.”  With this in mind, Alma carries with her an immense power to tap into her metaphysical/intuitive science of the original woman. She is able to hold and carry the will and feelings of an entire world/nation.  She is that song that is inspired by the Blues of our oppressed social reality.  She is that Soul that vibrates through the hymes of Sarah Vaughn or Aretha Franklin and even Sade.

The word Al-ma is also expressed through our mathematically inclined Supreme Alphabet of the Nation of God and Earth.  A.L.M.A, simply means the embracing of the forum of life that Allah (her father) has provided for her to love the hell of struggle and hard work so that she can master who she is and show and prove her nature as Allat.  The hell and struggle will be both a physical and mental reality, one she will see within her own family and beyond.  Her ability to repel and master the proper thoughts will reaffirm why Suñez and Izayaa, her parents, named her this way. 

Hence, Allah provides the forum of Love, Hell, or Right so that I can Master myself and truly live out my nature as Allat, the mother of God.  

One of my favorite passages from the Dhammapada, a book all of our children will be introduced to is #3 Mind.     

               “With single mindedness, the Master quells his thoughts,
                            He ends their wandering.
                           Seated in the cave of the heart, He finds freedom…
                           If a man is disturbed, He will never be filled with knowledge.
                          An untroubled mind, No longer seeking to consider
                          What is right and what is wrong, A mind beyond judgments,
                          Watches and Understands, Know that the body is a fragile jar,
                          And make a castle of your mind.  
                          In every trial, Let understanding fight for you…
                          Your worst enemy cannot harm you, As much as your own thoughts,
                          But once mastered, No one can help you as much,
                          Not even your father or your mother.” 

We are living in times where the war of the original man against illusion will diminish is physical utility.  The war we are currently and constantly in are a war of the mind.  Hence, our little Almita, will be able to embrace that mental hell and come out right.  Her ability to absorb and rejuvenate spiritually will allow her to become a warrior of a unique kind.  The kind the elders spoke about, a true Master of herself, in love with herself, in love with the world, and the people she will be responsible for.  It is then she will take the foundation provided by her parents and live true on her square, impenetrable.  

Mathematically, A.L.M.A. expresses the expression of 1+12+13+1= 2+7= 9.  9 in Supreme Mathematics articulate the idea of completion and fruition of something that is made.  With born, and in the manner of her spiritual nature, she reaffirms who she is through every battle won.  

Coraisma, her second name, is a Moorish gypsy name with Greek and Arabic roots.  For us with some degree of knowledge of self, we know the Greeks learned from the Egyptians and altered the knowledge, wisdom, and understanding they received.  The Greeks made their own versions of Gods and Goddesses in an attempt to replicate personalities assigned to nature by our original people for deeper insights on the workings of different aspects of creation.  The name Cora comes from the Greek word “Kore,” meaning “the maiden,” as the Goddess Persephone was also called.  A maiden is an unmarried girl, usually a virgin, and someone devoted to serving.  The Goddess Persephone is the daughter of Zeus and Demeter (a harvest Goddess).  There have also been other wrongly placed attributes to Persephone, which further proves the cooption of the information gathered in Egypt and how when they activate it, it reflects more their mentality, which is not in accordance to the universe.  The cult following of Persephone also makes her the queen of the underworld, as she was kidnapped by Hades, god-king of the underworld.  Because of this she is able to curse men upon the souls of the dead.   

However, all this information is just for purposes of tracing the name back to its grafted origins.  The true meaning of Cora is one devoted to serving as she is the personification of vegetation. This means she is responsible for feeding and nourishing the people of the land.  She does this through her alchemizing properties where she takes the energy of God and uses it to set the conditions for soil fertilization and growth.  The cycles of Harvest guided by the seasons, from spring through summer, when life sprouts, and autumn through winter when life recedes and remains dormant, is the real idea behind the bad adaptation through the souls of the dead idea.
The Arabic name Isma means “safeguarding” and “protection.”  

In this regard, when combined with Cora, Coraisma then becomes maiden Earth protector.

C.O.R.A.I.S.M.A in the Supreme Alphabet expresses how she is able to Cee that the Cipher of our reality, one that grows deeper in a circular form, is one that is propelled through the proper Ruling or its Rulers whose highest titles are Allah and Allat. Due to this responsibility, I, Safe Self to become my own Master and be in perfect balance with Allah. 

Thus Coraisma reaffirms her reality as the provider, nourisher, and protector of mankind as the true and living Earth.  

Mathematically, the name is expressed as 3+15+18+1+9+19+13+1=7+9=1+6=7. She has truly reaffirmed herself, after having reaching a state of completion as her name Alma denotes.

Therefore, while Alma describes her spiritual divine nature and her mental strength/abilities, Coraisma describes the physical aspects of her.  This is the true and living Earth.  

Allat is the surname of the women in our family.  Refer to the build on the name Izayaa Allat. 

Names are extremely important and should also be protected.  It is unrighteous to simply copy names and make grafted versions of them because one does not know the meaning attached to them and how that action of grafting changes the reality of truth.  It does have an impact in how we become who we are.  Imagine the infinite amount of variables that mathematically point to the making of a righteous name that is befitting the individual who came up with that name. One has to challenge oneself and truly tap into that creative potential that represents that Godly nature (although his full manifestation is the original man) within us.  Inspiration is real and while some names aid in the making of others, some are just altered copies of the original.  We should not want to be in the spirit of the Greeks, for we are original in our makeup.  Every individual has a unique set of fingerprints no one else in the world has or shares.  With this same idea, dig deep and figure out who you are and reveal your name to others.  One that no one, but you can live out.  That's the beauty your name will show.
And with that, here is Alma con Alma by Ray Barretto

Peace, Earth Izayaa Allat

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