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TETALOGY 101: Notes on Righteous Breastfeeding

All our lives amassing all this love becoming all this emotion.  Decisions outright or repercussions unknown, a child will be born with a most high state of mind…

Alma Coraisma Breastfeeding @ 2 Months

When a man and a woman copulate and the man lets out his sperm, made up mostly of proteins and sugars, he’s releasing his whole lifetime of accumulated knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.  It is the inner workings of himself as well as his ancestral line.  Sperm is all an accumulation of that man’s thoughts from past and present.  When we study sperm’s properties, especially its place in procreation, we gain insight of who Man is and how he works.   Man being the incarnation of God, the Creator.  When we look at the sperm, it looks very much as a tadpole.  It has a tail and its upper portion is this rounded oval-like head.  This structure looks what may later develop into the backbone and head of the new being, also containing the sex of it.  Man not only determines the sex of that new being, but it is from the man, that the child gets its backbone, its medulla oblongata and its entire brain system.  Man means mind and Son of Man is the reproduction of that mind.  God creates by reproducing his mind and through his children we see him.  Unlike the woman, man doesn’t need to do any outward activities to cultivate his creation.  His entire process is internal.  Therefore, in his genetic code is not only embedded what the child will look like, but the entire essence of that child.  Within the child you will find everything that father has worked throughout his life; his thoughts and ideas as well as aspects of his mentality. 

Sperm itself is in constant production.  There are many potential beings that can be made into existence.  This is representative of the nature of man being in a constant mode of production.  Thoughts are always in motion, they are constantly manifesting from the mind.  The metaphorical association of man with the celestial body, the Sun sheds further understanding because just like the Sun, man is constantly creating and giving off energy.  This is his nature, to spark, to make, to manifest. 

The woman on the other hand, with her already established eggs, shows another side to the process already started by man.  When the woman releases her egg to be implanted with the sperm, her job is to provide a space with the appropriate conditions that will allow the sperm to thrive and come to fruition as a Son of Man.  Implantation and pregnancy are synonymous to the workings of the planet Earth.  In order for a crop to grow, the soil must have the appropriate conditions by which to properly cultivate the seed of that plant.  This means the woman provides the next step in creating.  Without the space she provides for the elements given off by man to take form, the completion of a determined idea wouldn’t be possible.  In this case, the proteins and sugars present in the sperm will start the building of new cells, known as the process of meiosis, once it has implanted itself in the egg of the woman, a hormonal dispersal takes place within the area where the fertilized egg will live for the next nine months.  That hormone is progesterone, precisely a yang hormone in charge of building an adequate environment for the embryo to grow into what we call a baby.  Eventually a hormonal dance will take place in which others, such as oxytocin and estrogen will have a role in aiding the baby to take form. Inside the egg, the DNA is in constant replication mode as new cells are rapidly forming to create the biology of man, his organs and systems.

It’s the truly the same process done reverse to get to one goal, only that God (Man) does it internally, while the woman does it externally. We get to see what the God does by watching the gestation period of the woman.  It truly is a manifestation of what the Taoist taught is the nature of yang and yin.  

What man has done is put his whole being into that sperm by creating and releasing energy/thoughts, which the woman has to mold by cultivating that energy.  She does this by adding on her genetic code and once united, actively alchemizing the elements for accurate replication of the genes.  Maybe this is where the cultural practice of marrying off younger women to older man comes from.  This innate knowledge that man is more adept at providing stronger sperm once he’s acquired a certain level of wisdom and understanding,  while the woman is needed to be at her physical prime because it is at that woman’s physical best that the child can be made and birthed most optimally.  I must note here that this practice is not what we see today where extremely young women are being sold to these nasty perverted old men.  This practice was done righteously and with mutual attraction to one another.  I can’t help but think of the movie Memoirs of a Geisha because it is precisely a love story about a much younger woman with an older man. Studying Geisha culture one will see the precise rules and regulations man and woman dealt with to maintain righteousness in their interactions.  (refer to MGT, Cooking and the Original woman).

 In nine months she must make sure that the home/environment of the son of man is in optimal condition.  The diet must be one where the adequate amounts of folic acid, vitamin c, b vitamins, and other minerals all combine to continue the reproduction of the cells quickly forming.  Not only is the woman physically feeding the environment at this point.  She is also spiritually and mentally adding on to that new soul.  This is why she must be in balance with her feelings and emotions.  She must heal from past abuses and hells.  She must come to terms and make these struggles right in order to forge a strong new image of God.  If she doesn’t, all those conflicting thoughts and emotions will go into that child.  It is equally important to have purifying thoughts during pregnancy as with the consumption of nutrients and vitamins for optimal pre-natal development.  Both play a role in the making of this new being and the woman doesn’t have the luxury of slowly (through lived experience) to implant these facets of thoughts into the being, like the man does, where he embeds it in the sperm.  The woman actively does this throughout the nine months she is pregnant.  

In the book Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper, the Mind-Body Connection chapter touches on some of these ideas.  She speaks about Deepak Chopra and the ideas he explores in his book entitled, Quantum Healing.  Here he explains that all of our experiences are stored in our cellular system, both thoughts and emotions.  This means that our conscious mind is a part of our entire makeup, not just regulated to one sector of our bodies.   Intelligence itself is a biological community of living cells.  During pregnancy mother and baby share the same cellular system and energy.  The mother transmits to baby her own thoughts and emotions and embeds them into the womb.  Therefore, as the baby continues to grow and form, the mother’s thoughts and emotions become a part of the cellular makeup of that child. She leaves her own imprint as the child physically forms.  

The same is to be said about breast milk and its purpose.  Aside from serving as nourishment of the new being outside of the womb, breast milk is encoded with messages, feelings and teachings that the mother continues to pass onto the child outside the womb.  This is why breast milk, just like any other animal’s milk is made uniquely to meet the needs of that new life’s growth.  Yes, there is a universal commonality in the properties of each mother’s milk based on the stage of growth and feeding the baby is in, but there is something beyond that that makes each different and specific for that one child.   It is that ancestral linkage as well as the imprint of the individuals who made that child.  So, while one child might be getting higher levels of nutrients, proteins, sugars, etc. , what might differ in the milk are the ideas and thoughts the mother subconsciously wants the baby to develop.  After all, the brain is continuing to develop and the brain was given by who? The man, father.  This means that for optimal brain development, not only does the breast milk need to contain all the right and exact physical quantities that will go directly in contributing to the continual growth of the brain, but also the current thoughts and feelings of the mother.  This is why it’s important for the mother to continue to intellectually challenge herself and surround herself amongst A-Alikes to further build on her interests and skills, even if she’s tired.  This is where oxytocin comes and aids in this process.  The relaxation and indescribable love state you are constantly in while nursing help in the transmission of that knowledge and experience.   Oxytocin truly is the Love hormone.  It’s responsible for making the mother experience love through nurturing in a way never felt before.  It is this binding hormone which allows for the proper mental and, in turn, physical foods to reach the baby.  In a set of lessons memorized by the Gods and Earths, called the 1-36, the knowledge cipher (10th) degree states, “Because the devil taught him how to eat the wrong food” as a way of explaining why our people as adults have fear for those who seem to be on top of us, with more power.  When you think about this degree we must think of the first nourisher of the child.  That is the mother.  If the mother transmits these feelings of fear to her child because of her own lived experiences, then she will make a weak baby.  The devil will have achieved his purpose by using her as a medium (as this is her nature with God) to promote further disdain for the Original people through the implantating of fear. This is because we lack true knowledge of the cipher.  When we learn the truth and open our eyes, the mother does not implant these feelings to her child. Therefore, she must feed the proper food of strength to her baby from the moment of conception and extended through the breast feeding, so that the child will manifest his true nature as the creator. The right mental and physical foods will continue to nurture the development of the brain most successfully and it will also determine how well the baby absorbs the nutrients from the breast milk.  If the mother’s thoughts are not rich in content and well meaning, then the milk’s properties will weaken.  If the mother is a state of constant building and rejuvenating, then the milk’s contents will become richer.  In turn, the mother will make a strong minded baby and brain.

Earth Izayaa and Alma Coraisma
The Cultural Practice of Breastfeeding

With this said, how do we build the best practice of breastfeeding? How should we breastfeed our children to maximize their consumption both mentally and physically?  The books are correct.  One must feed on demand because it fulfills the fast growth rate of the developing newborn and infant.  Physically, as other experts have said, the mother must eat appropriately and balanced, continuing to take her prenatal vitamins, supplements and herbs while getting plenty of rest by sleeping when the baby sleeps. This only occurs by sleeping with your baby and breastfeeding on the bed.  This combination of rest and diet will aid in the mental process as well. During the first six months the woman should literally be in hibernation mode with her baby. She and her partner should be building a relationship with the baby.  When not attending to baby or sleeping, the mother should engage her mind intellectually by reading and if she’s up to as well, by writing because she must continue to stimulate her own ideas and thoughts. She must not remain stagnant and feel robotic as most mothers do during the first postpartum weeks.  After those six months, the woman should be confident enough to engage in an activity of her own while continuing to attend exclusively to her baby.  This can be taking a yoga class, postpartum healing session, or training on a new skill.  If you still don’t feel like you can function without your baby, check to see if babies are welcome, if not then choose an activity where you can bring your baby too (i.e. baby wearing classes).  In this Western society, as with everything else, there is a separation between parenting and all sectors of society.  As mothers, we should be seeking the support of women who want to bridge the gap between parenting and professionally excelling.  In earlier times, our people did not separate parenting, educating from the everyday functions of the household.  They were all interrelated. These activities will ensure the mother maintains strong both through body and character.  The child needs to count on that strong backbone for a development without doubts. It is because of this separation between sectors of our community/society that breastfeeding has become a lost practice.  

In this modern time, a reclaim to this practice is being made by women who understand the importance and sacredness of the act of nursing.  The formula/bottle industry has been telling lies to mothers for years now and some of these include that for most optimal growth of baby you need to give both formula bottle and breast (only in certain circumstances is this useful such as if the mother needs to increase her breast milk and has to supplement baby while she does) or that the fortified iron in the formula milk is needed by baby (the baby has already received the last remaining supply of iron from the placenta upon birth, further ingestion of iron can cause digestive/intestinal problems for babies).   This is just some of the information women get nowadays, which gravely endangers their overall relationship with their babies.  Because it has become the norm to bottle feed, breastfeeding is alien to many people.  We have lost the knowledge of practice in which babies led the way, where each communicated to its mother its needs.  Instead we get taught ideas of rearing that are contrary to our nature.  

When my daughter was born, one of the women I received a call from was my “abuela de crianza” Mama Minerva.  She told me that breastfeeding is for the poor, for those who don’t have the means to buy the variety of well-made baby food and milk available in the market.  Only those that had no other choice to breastfeed should be doing this.  The logic here is that baby food/formula is better because there are tons available at the supermarket, rather than an unknown amount of breast milk. Mama Minerva is a Dominican immigrant who when living in D.R only managed to move up to lower middle class in the economic ladder because her husband owned land.  She also informed me that babies manipulate the mother and they do this by crying.  So, therefore, I should let the baby cry because they will stop upon realizing you won’t give in to their theatrical act.  This meant co-sleeping as a no-no.  Her message was clear: I should impose my will and wants on the baby. It’s not what he/she truly needs, it’s about what I think is good for him/her.  Stories like this continue to further separate us from women’s innate knowledge of mothering and promotes a hindered relationship.

Breastfeeding is an extremely important component of the early rearing of a human being.  The first relationship a person makes is with their mother and breastfeeding aids in the strengthening as well as the shaping of that relationship.  Breastfeeding and mothering is perhaps, the most pivotal tools for building relationship, as it sets the tone for how that person will build and sustain relationships with other human beings in their future existence.  This sacred practice has been inhibited and, in turn, the instinctual communication between mother and child.  It has affected the overall relationship of both parties.  It’s the start to a cycle of dysfunctional, un-holistic development for that child, meaning, because that sacred linkage has been broken, much like the domino effect, as that breakage will affect many aspects of that child’s life.  I remember meeting a young girl who explained her need of not feeling loved enough and this led her to search for love.  Whenever she met a man she thought she might connect with, she would sleep with him within the first two dates.  Obviously, because she had not developed a deeper connection with the man, he would leave her. He couldn’t respect or cherish something that was given so easy.  The girl could not figure out why these men kept leaving her and she suffered immensely.  All she wanted was to be held, be properly taken care of and loved.  Digging deeper into this situation we must look at our newborn/toddler years.  We must go back and see what type of mothering practices the mother established with her.  This doesn’t mean that early rearing is to blame, however, it is one aspect of a person’s life that’s rarely taken into account and can definitely shed light into the situation.  

While reading Gentle Birth Choices by Barbara Harper I encountered the situation of a mother who had an eight year old daughter with an extreme asthmatic condition (pg. 120).  The child was on several medications and practically lived in the emergency room.  The mother was receiving counseling and it was during one of the sessions that she expressed not feeling love for her daughter.  Upon further descriptions of her relationship with her daughter, including her birth and pregnancy it was learned that the baby’s father had abandoned her just three months before the child’s birth.  In addition, the mother criticized and scolded all throughout her labor, she was insulted by the room nurse and her baby was not delivered by her physician.  After delivery, baby and mother were separated and not reunited until 8 hours later.  This separation in the first critical hours after birth set the tone for what would be her relationship with her daughter.  It was one based on little love and affection.  In turn, this lack of nurturing resulted in the sickly condition of her daughter.  However, through hypnosis doctors were able to provide a space for the mother to reinvent her pregnancy and birth into one where she received support and affection from family and medical staff, as well as one where she was able to bond with her daughter immediately after birth.  After the session, she went back home to her daughter and months later when she spoke to her doctors she told them that her daughter has not been back into the emergency room and that she now experienced a deep love for her.  This one case sheds a lot of important information about the psychological implications of early rearing into the makeup of a young adult.  If the natural course of nurturing is interrupted, of which includes breastfeeding, this has both physical and emotional abnormalities within the child.  Hence, why the young girl kept yearning and looking for love in all the wrong places.  She just needed the mother to give it to her.  

Actress Yaya DaCosta & Son
Thanks to social media and other venues, there’s been this resurgence for the practice of breastfeeding, as well as its normalization through its promoting.  We’ve seen the social media campaigns of women like actress and Brown '04 Classmate, Yaya DaCosta, as well as the girlfriend of football player Philip Weaver post pictures of themselves breastfeeding their babies in an attempt to normalize breastfeeding, particularly of Black and Brown women.  To show them that breastfeeding is not a poor/backward method of rearing your child, but rather one in accordance to our nature as nurtures.  In numerous breastfeeding support groups, women have visually protested the backlash of being called “whores” for breastfeeding in public.  Social media pages like “Black Women Do Breastfeed” have started a posting campaign where they feature pictures of American Black mothers’ breastfeeding.  The purpose is to continue to break down notions and stigma for those against breastfeeding while also providing the image support for women who never considered breastfeeding an option.  The visual power in those images has helped in breaking down ideas and thoughts for all people.  

However, aside from the power the visuals provide for women who never saw this as an option, as well as for others who never truly understood the practice, is this a right and exact practice if let’s say, the mother breastfeeds by exposing her breasts to the public?  Is this an appropriate freedom for this cultural practice? 

We live in an extreme savage Westernized society, where the ideal cannot be practiced because there is no balance between the yang and yin elements that propel a growing community.  Our people have lost their way to be easily led culturally in the wrong direction.  The right direction is hard to grasp and embark on.  In this case, no one understands breastfeeding.  We are living in a violent world, where wars and violence dictate our way of life.  There are wars against Original people, whether it’s for Original people’s resources (i.e. oil), their melanated supremacy/ownership of the Planet Earth (i.e. Palestinians), urban style/manner/nature/character of the Original man (i.e. U.S.’s massive so-called accidental killings of Black men).  This means that the yang aspect of our society has become bastardized to such an extreme, where it no longer serves for the protection and physical prowess of a people.  It is now a brutal, destructive force, where the yin elements must protect itself at all costs.  The Black woman’s body in particular (of which includes so-called Latina, Asian and Native American women as they are Black too) must be protected.   

Throughout history the Original woman’s body has been disrespected and abused.  For gynecological experiments, as nursing nannies, as sexual tools for the slave master and as bodies on which men can exert their violence due to their own inability to change their oppressed states.  The destruction imparted upon the planet Earth correlates with the violence experienced by all Original women.  Genetically modified seeds have taken root and ruined the fertility of our soils, just like our women are being bombarded with the eugenics agenda, whether knowingly (encouraged to get multiple abortions for fear of judgment from family/friends, not having adequate support systems/guidance) or unknowingly (i.e. sterilization of Puerto Rican women, a.k.a.“La Operacion”).  These connections couldn’t be more real. The destruction of the yin is in direct correlation to the overtaking of a grafted/mis-adapated yang upon our Earth.  

Thus, the more violent a society becomes, the more smart its women and children need to be in order to survive and preserve the elements of their culture that have been scientifically tested time and time again to be correct.  In this case, breastfeeding must be practiced with a guided freedom.  Women’s femininity and body are to be protected and only shown for the sake of preserving the Black woman’s body.  With breastfeeding, specifically, we cannot become reactionary and subscribe to white standards of fighting an injustice.  Exposing our breasts in an attempt to show society and its ruling gender, Men, that breastfeeding must be accepted in all facets of society,  will just have more catastrophic effects for women and children if not practiced correctly.  We must tap into our rich cultural history/traditions and reclaim what has been lost.  Even if our mothers, grandmothers, aunts protest and claim we are going “Native” or “African,” we must show them through example the enriching life that becomes once these aspects of our culture are practiced once again.   In addition, the practice of breastfeeding should be thought of from the perspective of what I call a cultural warrior. We must engage in this act with the idea that we are indeed in a constant social attack as women and we must proceed accordingly, especially as Black, Brown and Yellow women.

Model Ashley Nicole & Son

Knowledge Your Environment:  Breasts as the entire Original woman are part of their sensuality and sexuality but also their endearing nurturing and mothering.  Westernized society is nowhere near ready to acquiesce to this lovely and natural duality.  No matter to what extent breastfeeding becomes normalized, society will find a way to grossly sexualize the act of breastfeeding and pornify a sacred act.  The fact of the matter is breasts in Western society are only a sexual organ. The porn industry and media in general feed us this social truth all the time.  The hyper-sexualization of the woman through her breasts is inevitable and the mere image of the breast, even if fulfilling a functional role, will turn on a man in public.  This is true with pedophiles who might get off with the image and thought of a baby suckling on its mother’s breast.  For those of us living in cities, if we are not in proximity to safety, the exposure of our breasts can lead to attack.  We should then be aware of where you are when you are alone in public.  Try to find the safest area to breastfeed at that moment while you are in public. For example, if you are going to a doctor’s appointment and taking public transportation, try to have your baby asleep or travel during your baby’s nap time, so by the time you get to your destination your baby is awake and ready to feed once at the doctor’s office.   When travelling back you can feed if your clothes are breastfeeding friendly or you can have your baby take another nap. If you are travelling by car, you can always lock your car doors and breastfeed your child in your car to soothe him.  Once your child feels confident enough, you can place him in the car seat.  Sing and talk to your child if they seem restless.  The key here is to gage your environment and follow your instincts.  

Wear Breastfeeding-Friendly Clothes: First time mothers usually think that they won’t be able to wear pretty clothes if they have to breastfeed.  This is not the case as you can still dress feminine and look beautiful while breastfeeding.  It’s all about adapting your style of clothing and body type with the practice of breastfeeding. What has worked for me, has been always wearing a long semi-tight tank top underneath my main top.  As a lover of cultural clothing, I own a couple of Mexican traditional blouses and Indian tunics.  I wear these on top of the tank.  Sometimes I even wear a tighter top or if in colder weather, a fitted sweater, where my curves are accentuated, but my breasts protected and out of view.  The tank top underneath works well because when baby is ready to feed all you have to do is scoop breast over the top part of the tank top.  You then bring baby’s mouth to the breast while having your top cover the breast.  Even as part of your top shirt comes up, you can’t see any of the side of your chest because the tank top covers it.  You can also wear t-shirts, maternity wear is still good for breastfeeding purposes and breastfeeding bras.  Anything that can adapt to a comfortable feeding experience while outside the home is great.  The goal is to not show these wonderful organs while in public.

Build your own community of Breastfeeding Mothers: In an ideal world the breastfeeding mother would be able to feed anywhere.  The community would understand her stage in motherhood and the babies need for nourishment from the sacred milk of the mother. The community would most likely have a center where breastfeeding mothers could gather and socialize for the day, where they could continue to stimulate one another and discuss issues and/or tips on breastfeeding practices.  The women would be sharing knowledge (1) based on their lived experiences with breastfeeding (2) so they can learn (3) to adapt nursing in the most efficient way for mother and child (4). The village would build the adequate infrastructure to support the practice of breastfeeding.  Most importantly, breastfeeding would remain a cultural practice that would add-on to the development of holistic views on sexuality as a society, where sexual practices would not be perverted. This can still be possible by joining local breastfeeding support groups, such as La Leche League, Ancient Song Doula Services, or by creating your own, in my case an Earth Breastfeeding group.  The women in this group can serve to guide and protect one another, especially as they gather in more public places (restaurants, parks, public transportation vehicles) to breastfeed together.  However, they should be gauging just how safe it is to breastfeed in certain areas.  

Use your Partner Strategically: There will be many times when you will need the support of your partner through your breastfeeding experience.  Even if your husband/partner is one of those people that does not support it and doesn’t want you breastfeeding, you can enlist the help of other men (i.e. brother, father) or women (i.e. sister, best friend, mother) who do want to see you succeed in this process.  You will need to use these people wisely and especially when you need to breastfeed in dangerous environments/situations.  For example, if you are going to be out late and travelling in public transportation you will need the help of a strong individual to provide a safe space for you to breastfeed without the interruptions of late night perverts, hustling peddlers, drug addicts, potential rapists/killers.  The reality is that the inner cities continue to be plague filled night life that is ruthless, savage and dangerous for breastfeeding mothers. Their own oppressive hells (although an advocate for their uplifting, as well as the ghetto through my activism) does pose a threat to those trying to create a righteous culture.  The partner becomes that protective element, serving as the guardian and foundation for the family.  He/them can ward off potential on-lookers and fight if necessary for the protection of the mother and child.  

Earth Izayaa & Alma Coraisma @ 9 Months

Use Breastfeeding Props: There are many items that aid in the overall process of breastfeeding.  Although using them brings a lot more attention to the breastfeeding mother than its original intention of discreet breastfeeding, breastfeeding covers do help mothers that are just getting the hang of the practice.  By putting this large cover over yourself you can freely expose your breast underneath. While using this cover, you can practice more discreet forms of breastfeeding with smaller objects.  I remember attending a wedding when my breastfed daughter turned 10 months.  She was nowhere near weaning.  In fact, it felt like we were just getting started.  So, I wore a V-Neck dress that showed just a bit of cleavage.  Enough for me to just pop out the breast on the side and underneath a burping blanket I spread out on the shoulder.  This provided enough coverage for discreet breastfeeding all throughout the ceremony and reception.  If you wear your baby using a cloth, pre-made baby carrier, rebozo, or other material to wear your baby on you, no matter what level of experience you have with wearing your baby, there are all kinds of positions you can use that can allow for optimal breastfeeding outside.  Every mother should develop her own methods for breastfeeding without exposure while at different events and gatherings.  Different objects can aid in this process, such as the burping or cloth diaper did for me. This will show people that breastfeeding can be carried in a civilized manner in accordance to the correct principles of womanhood. 

Communicate with your Baby: I know the first few months of breastfeeding, especially for first time mothers, are extremely hard.  That’s why I don’t advise you leave your home, your breastfeeding sanctuary for the first three months or until breastfeeding has been established successfully without pain or burden.  If you do have to go out, for a doctor’s appointment, for some sun and air, then the best way to breastfeed is to communicate with your baby.  Your baby can sense an environment from your reaction to it.  So after a few times, the baby knows that if you are placing cloth over his mouth while feeding it’s because you are outdoors and need to protect him/her.  When you are not using a cloth it’s because you are indoors in an entirely safe space. The baby will eventually catch these cues, the more you practice them.  While outdoors, you might have to forcefully hold up the cloth while feeding because the baby might try to take it off.  Once you’ve tried it a few times, the baby will know you are outside or with “strangers” when you breastfeed with the cloth on. The baby knows too that breastfeeding is an act of just you two, so breastfeeding covered makes the baby feel more protected and he/she enjoys it better. 

To feed your child in the most direct, intimate way ever imagined is a bliss and marvel of life that is a blessing and honor to partake in.  Advice and insights to bettering seems lengthy and wasteful in this modernized, westernized, supposedly progressed civilized society.  Yet, we are in no such place and the beauty of humanity is in the simplicity we seek to recover, renew and rejuvenate.  Breastfeeding is one of these glorious activities that is one of the most immediate proofs of humanity one can find.  In this oppressed world of repressed minds, this all must become a charted science of TETALOGY to be approved into appreciation.  However, it just is more love.  Breastfeeding is just the continuing love that we Original mothers can offer our children, another step to their most high state of mind.  

Earth Izayaa Allat

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